What do you need for breastfeeding?

Everyone knows the saying breast is best but how does a new mother prepare for breastfeeding?

Your midwife will advise you on how and when to breastfeed, but she may not tell you what you need and what products are available to make breastfeeding easier.

 So here is the Bunny Bumpkin guide to products that can help make breastfeeding easier.

The Nursing Bra

If you are out and about you don’t want to be wrestling with your bra in order to discretely feed your baby. Nursing bras have drop down clips above the cup to allow easy and comfortable breastfeeding. Normally you need to get measured two weeks before the birth due to the increase in breast size. However most of Bunny Bumpkins nursing bras have one cup size meaning that you do not have to make the uncomfortable journey into town to be measured. Simply order online using the your current chest size (e.g. 36)

Nursing Tops

The nursing top comes in various different styles but allow for easy access for breastfeeding. For example, some Cami style tops have clips on the straps similar to nursing bras whereas sleeved tops often have a lift up panel.

Breastfeeding Butterflies

Breastfeeding Butterfly Shawls offer great privacy. The baby is cradled in a sling which goes over mums shoulders while feeding.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can make nipples sore and they can become dry and cracked increasing the risk of mastitis. At the first sign of any soreness apply a nipple cream such as Lansinoh.

Nursing Cushions

The nursing cushion is designedto hug a mother’s body and provide a raised platform to support baby as they feed in comfort. However it also has other uses. Many women use it for back support during pregnancy or as a between-the-knees support cushion or as a wedge to rest under the tummy whilst sleeping on the side. When approx 3 months old, a baby can rest within the arms of the pillow to aid the digestion process and when learning to sit up themselves, the pillow can be positioned around baby to cushion them in case they topple backwards.

Breast pads

Even when not feeding breasts have a tendency to leak. Breast pads absorb excess milk preventing stains on your clothes.

Muslin Cloths

The muslin cloth has numerous uses but the principal uses for breastfeeding are:

Wiping away excess milk from you and your baby after baby has unlatched from your breast.

Wiping up after winding your baby (as they are often slightly sick after a feed.)

Nursing Nightwear

Feeding your baby while half asleep is difficult enough without having to battle with your nightwear. Nursing pyjamas and nighties work in a similar way to nursing tops and are also very comfortable.

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How to keep baby cool in the summer

Summer has finally arrived and everyone heads for the sun but it is important to remember that babies cannot tolerate the sun like adults.

Babies fair skin is prone to sunburn and they are also susceptible to dehydration and heatstroke.

Bunny Bumpkin has put together these tips on keeping your baby safe and cool in the summer and we have some product ideas to make it easy for you.

  • Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at its hottest.
  • Use a very high factor sunscreen (e.g. factor 50) even if your baby is in the shade.Apply the sun cream regularly especially if they are using a paddling pool.
  • Put a sun hat on your baby. Bunny Bumpkin sell a range of summer dresses with matching sun hats like this purple & pink posy and polka dot dress/sun hat set


Alternatively your baby can go for the hip look with this baby bandana available in four different colours.



  • Give them more water than usual. Cooled boiled water is best for young babies. Fruit Juice Ice lollies are great for quenching an older babys’ thirst. If your baby is on solids fruit is another agreat way of getting them to have more fluid.
  • A cool bath before bed time will make for a more comfortable night.
  • Keep the bedroom cool by closing the curtains in the day and using a fan during hot nights.
  • Keep bedclothes and nightwear to a minimum. Don’t let them get too cold though as temperature can drop in the night. A baby sleeping bag is handy for baby’s who like to kick the covers off. If it is a hot night though just put them in their nappy only and then put them  in the sleeping bag.



Cardiff Ice Hockey Teams raise over £5k for Marie Curie

We recently reported on a charity ice hockey match taking place between the Cardiff Eagles & Cardiff Bay Lightning. We are pleased to report that the match raised over five thousand pounds for Marie Cure Cancer Care.

The match which included Max Birbraer, Ben Davies and Chris Blight from Elite League team the Cardiff Devils was won 6-5 by the Cardiff Bay Lightning.

Several hundred fans watched  a very competitive and exciting match and dug deep making donations and buying raffle tickets to win a signed Mac Faulkner Hockey Shirt.

Each of the players also had to raise money in order to play and Bunny Bumpkin sponsored our Sales Director to play in defence for the Cardiff Eagles.

Bunny Bumpkins Martin Burridge playing for the Cardiff Eagles

This is the second match of this kind and Bunny Bumpkin look forward to sponsoring a similar event next year.

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Bunny Bumpkin Supporting Charity Ice Hockey Match

Two recreational ice hockey teams will take to the ice this weekend to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Cardiff Bay Lightning and Cardiff Eagles play each other for the second year running to raise money for charity. The last time these two teams played each other in 2012, they raised £3000 for childrens cancer charity Clic Sargent

It is not just the recreational teams that are getting involved though. Both sides will be guesting a couple of players from Cardiffs’ professional team, the Cardiff Devils, who play in the Elite League.

There will be childrens’ entertainment in the break and a raffle to win a hockey shirt signed by Devils star forward Mac Faulkner.

Planet Ice who run Cardiff Ice Arena have donated the ice time and many friends, families and local businesses have already contributed.

Bunny Bumpkin Maternity, Nursing and Baby are sponsoring their Sales & Marketing director Martin Burridge who will be playing for the Cardiff Eagles.

Bunny Bumpkin wishes both teams the best of luck and hopes the event is a great success for all involved.

The match faces off at 7pm on Sunday May 5th at Cardiff Ice Arena in Cardiff Bay. Entrance is free though a donation to the Marie Curie Cancer Care will be appreciated.

Anybody wishing to make a donation to Marie Curie Curie Cancer Care can do so at the events justgiving page https://www.justgiving.com/CardiffEagles.

eagles 2

The challenge of choosing your babys’ name

Naming your baby should be an easy task. There are thousands of websites and books with lists of babys names.

However you need to think carefully before choosing as there may be a few things you have not considered. Bunny Bumpkin takes a slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ look at the problems of choosing the right baby name.

 Names get shortened

Call a child David and it may be shortened to Dave which is relatively harmless. Robert will get shortened to Rob which is fine provided your surname is not Banks.

Surname Matching

So think about what the name means when put with the surname. Some of these may sound obvious but google or search for them on social media sites and you will find these people do exist. Here are some genuine examples.

 Anne Teak

Art Major

Brock Lee

Doug Hole

Jack Haas

 Take Care with Initials

Samuel Oliver Davies may seem like a great name but when little Samuel is asked to write his initials it may offend.


Unusual spelling of names can be more interesting but your child will spend a lifetime opening mail with their name spelt incorrectly.

 Beware Email/Surname Clashes

Names like John Smith are pretty straight forward when it comes to email. E.g. jsmith@hotmail.com. But what if you have an unusual name like Paul Blood. (look in the phone directory and you will find a few.) The same email format now gives something that sounds more like a medical condition than a name.

 Names Meaning

All names have meanings. I was surprised to discover that my sons name Jake comes from Jacob meaning supplanter (someone who wrongfully or illegally takes the place of someone else).No way ! My little angel would never do such a thing !!

 On a more serious note here are some of our favourite (and reasonably safe) names along with their meanings

 Boys Names

Aaron – A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength

Alex – Diminutive of Alexander: Defender of men; protector of mankind

Joshua – God is salvation

Cian – Ancient

Aiden – Little Fire


Girls Names

Abbie – Diminutive of Abigail: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy

Gabrielle – God is my strength.

Amelia – Industrious. Striving.

Kayla – Variant of Katherine meaning pure.

Lucy – Light


Whatever name you choose, all babies are beautiful so all baby names are beautiful. To celebrate baby names Bunny Bumpkin has launched a new range of personalised baby gifts on its website. So from Alex to Zak, or Abbie to Zoe you can have your babies name on money boxes, teddies, picture frames, crockery and much more.



How to Potty Train your child

Potty training can be a challenging time for both mother and child. Bunny Bumpkin has pulled together this guide from various reliable resources on the subject to help. We have also included some products to help with the process. Just click on the pictures for more product information.

When to start

Every child is different and it is important not to try to force them before they are ready.

Generally speaking most children are ready to start between 18 and 24 months.

It is always easier to start in the summer as there are less clothes to take off when they need to go and you can let them run around in the garden without a nappy on.(Don’t forget the sun screen)

Your child will give you clues that they are ready such as telling you that they have had a wee in their nappy or if you are lucky, telling you before they want to go.

How to start

Always have a potty in sight in the main rooms the child uses.

It is good to let the child see older children and even yourself using the toilet (which you may refer to as the big potty)

Leave the nappy off at times of the day that they usually go. (as long as this doesn’t distress them. If it does then leave it a few more weeks and try again)

If you see them weeing, put them on the potty even if it is too late so they get the association. Do this with a minimum of fuss or they may become anxious about going to the toilet.

You will often have to clean up the mess when it doesn’t work out. Do this without complaint but cheerfully point out that it is better to use the potty.

Give them praise when they use the potty. Using the potty should be a fun and rewarding experience. This Safety First rewards potty available from Bunny Bumpkin is a great idea. It gives encouraging phrases and songs, guides them through the steps of using the potty and then dispenses stickers when they are successful. Avoid using sweets as rewards.


Safety First Smart Rewards Potty

Be patient. It can take months to potty train a child and there will be setbacks even when things have been going well. Don’t get angry with them.

Prepare for travel.

Putting a nappy back on your child when you are travelling will confuse them. Keep a travel potty in the car .This Babyway travel potty is also available from Bunny Bumpkin.


Babyway Travel Potty

Graduating to the toilet

As they get the hang of the potty it will not be long before they want to start using the big toilet like mummy, daddy and siblings. They may ask to do this. Using the toilet is a lot more convenient for you, particularly with number twos.

Invest in a toilet trainer seat. This Little Wonder training seat can be used for travel also as it folds up.

Little Wonder Toilet Trainer Seat

Little Wonder Toilet Trainer Seat

Night Time

Although most children learn night time bladder control  between the ages of three and five, it is estimated that a quarter of three-year-olds and one in six five-year-olds wet the bed. If bedwetting persists beyond 6 or 7 then it is worth consulting the doctor to check there is no underlying medical condition.

Encourage your child to go to toilet before going to bed.

Do not punish the child for wetting the bed. They are unaware that they are doing it. Making them anxious about it will just make it worse.

Can I swim when pregnant?

The simple answer is yes but with some precautions. Swimming is often encouraged by midwives in the UK.

Here  are some of the benefits of swimming while pregnant

  • Swimming is a great low impact aerobic exercise that takes the weight off the joints.
  • It allows you to move freely in the water which is something you may struggle to do out of the water as your pregnancy advances.
  • While you are in the water your blood pressure is likely to be lower
  • Swimming is great for relaxation and exercise helps you sleep better at night
  • Its low risk. With land based exercises you risk hurting yourself and baby if you fall. Once you are in the water you are supported so any slip is much less risk. Be careful before getting in though.

A few words of caution though.

  • If you have never exercised before, start slowly, warm up  and cool down gradually before getting out.
  • Avoid any stroke that feels uncomfortable
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as it can get hot in indoor swimming pools
  • If in doubt, check with your GP
  • Swimming is ok but scuba diving isn’t because the baby has no protection against decompression sickness and gas embolism (gas bubbles in the bloodstream)

So now that you have decided to go swimming, the next important question for a pregnant woman is:

What to wear when swimming?

In the first trimester of pregnancy you should be able to wear your existing swimsuits. However by the second trimester you will need to invest in a maternity swimsuit. Swimsuits like this Emma Jane Swimsuit available from www.bunnybumpkin.com  have ruched sides to allow for body changes during pregnancy. There is also an elasticated bra shelf for comfort and support.

Available from www.bunnybumkin.com

Emma Jane Maternity Swimsuit available from http://www.bunnybumpkin.com

The swimsuit you buy in the second trimester should also see you through to the third.

Another option is a maternity tankini. The tankini has the advantage of not having to remove the whole swimsuit when you need to go to the toilet.

Emma Jane Maternity Tankini available from www.bunnybumpkin.com

Emma Jane Maternity Tankini available from http://www.bunnybumpkin.com

So what are you waiting for? Take the weight off your feet, cool yourself down and take a dip



What to wear in the 3 trimesters of pregnancy

You have just received the wonderful news that you are pregnant. After the initial jubilation you suddenly realise that in addition to some major life changes in the years ahead there is also going to be some major changes to your body over the next 9 months. However this doesn’t mean that you have to dig out the old jogging bottoms and baggy sweatshirts and hibernate until your bundle of joy arrives. Here are some tips from maternity wear specialist Bunny Bumpkin, about what to wear in each trimester of pregnancy.

First Trimester 0-3 months

You may notice that bras start to get uncomfortable towards the end of the first trimester. It is best to order wireless bras like this Emma Jane maternity/nursing bra which is designed to grow with the expectant mother during her pregnancy

Although clothes may feel a little tighter, you should be able to get away with wearing your existing wardrobe in the first trimester.

Second Trimester 3-6 months

Your bump will become increasingly more noticeable in this period and if you want to avoid living in those jogging bottoms and sweatshirts it is time to look for maternity tops and maternity trousers.

Most maternity tops (like this white cross maternity blouse) are made from cotton and elastene which allows them to stretch with your growing bump. Some also have ruched sides.


White Cross Maternity Blouse

Maternity trousers are available in under the bump style or over the bump. There is no science behind this. It is just a matter of personal preference. Over the bump trousers have a wide elasticated band at the top, while under the bump trousers have a thin elasticated band. These are no jogging bottoms though; some of these trousers can look very smart as shown by these brown over the bump trousers.

Brown Over The Bump Maternity Trousers

Third Trimester 6-9 months

During the third trimester your breasts will grow rapidly and may start to leak colostrum. If you are planning to breast feed, it is time to order a nursing bra. Wait until 3-4 weeks before your baby is due as this will give you a good idea of the size needed. Be aware that as the real milk starts to be produced in the days following the birth, your breasts may increase by one more cup size. Some nursing bras are designed for a range of cup sizes so if you have one like this Emma Jane 362 bra then the increase in cup size will not matter. Nursing bras are fitted with a clip to allow easy access for breast feeding.

Emma Jane 362 bra

Trying to sleep when it feels like you have a bowling ball in your belly is difficult enough so it is important to make sure your nightwear is comfortable.

Maternity nighties are designed to allow for your bump. Like many others, this pink nursing nightie is also designed for breast feeding.

Pink Nursing Nightie  404

Well done; you have survived pregnancy wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes. Now all you need to worry about is what the baby will wear, but we will leave that for a future blog.

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What do I put in my hospital bag?

Your baby is due anytime, the hospital bag is packed and you believe you are well prepared. But if this is your first baby there is a good chance you have forgotten something. So Bunny Bumpkin has prepared this guide to what you need to pack in your hospital bag. Many of these items are available from our website. Click on the highlighted items to see more details.

  • Most importantly you will need your birth plan and maternity notes.
  • Snacks and Drinks. You may be in hospital a while
  • Slippers. The hospital floors are cold and the toilets may be bit of a walk
  • Books or magazine. (Yes labour is not all pushing and screaming)
  • Dressing Gown
  • Disposable Underwear (you will leak for a while after the birth)
  • Nursing Bra for easy breastfeeding
  • Nursing Nightie or Pyjamas
  • Flannel and towel
  • A camera for that great first baby photo
  • Phone (don’t forget the charger)
  • Toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel, and other toiletries
  • Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Nursing Top to go home in.
  • Maternity Trousers (Your bump doesn’t go down straight away)
  • Disposable breast pads
  • Something warm to take baby home in, if it’s a cold day. Try this Snowsuit
  • Nappies
  • Muslin Cloths
  • Changing Bag
  • Baby Grows, Vests, Hats, Mits, Bibs. This 5 piece set is great value.

And last but not least, don’t forget to take a have a car seat in the car to take your beautiful little bunny home.

Pubs, Ball Pits and The World High Chair Shortage

While many pubs are closing there is one type of pub that is doing extremely well. Its not good beer or food that is attracting the punters (though that helps) it is the essential feature that every family pub needs. THE BALL PIT.

Telling our 3 year old that we are going to the Wacky Warehouse is like putting a big key in his back and winding him up.

In the Wacky Warehouse (our local family pub) mum is happy because the kids are entertained so she gets a break. Dad is happy because he can watch the Rugby six nations on the TV without being disturbed and 3 year old Jake is over the moon because he can run around and make all the noise he wants without being told off. Even 9 month old Millie is happy because there are lots of sights and sounds to stimulate her.

What could possibly go wrong then. Well here comes the problem. The pub is so popular with families, there are a lot of babies but very few highchairs.

9 month old Millie is sat on mums lap. The meal is on its way but Mum knows unless a high chair is found for Millie, eating dinner will be a challenge to say the least. Millie likes to wriggle and grab anything in reach and throw it on the floor. Great fun. So unless a high chair is found mums scampi and chips will all be heading south.

Cue Dad.


Dad is sent on something akin to a military operation. The objective – To find one of the three high chairs in a pub full of babies and toddlers.

Dad asks a member of staff, who helpfully promises to let him know as soon as one is available.

Reassured, dad sits back down and informs mum that a high chair will be found soon. But then  a setback. Enemy are spotted. Another family with a baby arrive. They ask a waitress for a high chair and unbelievably the waitress goes and gets one that’s has just become available. What to do. Should dad rugby tackle the waitress, fight the father and come back with the high chair and demand a victory celebration from his family.

No. That would be uncivilised, so instead dad recconoitres the 2 remaining high chairs. Peering around the corner he sees that the owners of one of the high chairs are having their post meal coffee, so they will be leaving soon. He loiters with high chair in his sights, hoping not to look too weird. It must be only moments, before the meal arrives and mum will not be happy if he fails his mission. Then just as he thought all hope was lost, the waitress arrives with a high chair that she found in the ball pit area. Relieved, dad takes the high chair back to the family with a smug look on his face.

But, dad wonders, should eating out be this stressful. Fortunately Pipsy Koala has found a solution. The On the Go Booster Seat can be attached to the chair with a 3 point safety harness with adjustable straps. Its wipe clean design, means that it is hygienic, but here is the best bit.It folds up really small to about the size of a handbag. (W31 x D8 x H26cm). This means it can be easily carried or kept in the car. So whether you are visiting the pub or visiting the relatives finding a high chair is no longer a military operation.

Pipsy Koala Booster Seat

The Pipsy Koaka On the Go Booster Seat conforms to EN14988-1/2:2006. Childrens High Chairs- Safety Requirements and Test Methods. It can be purchased from http://www.bunnybumpkin.com/pipsy-koala-on-the-go-booster-seat-990-p.asp

Needless to say, Dad has already bought one.