Baby Massage

Have you ever thought about taking your baby to a baby massage class? What can you expect? What are the benefits? Bunny Bumpkin Maternity Nursing and Babywear  asked Baby Massage Instructor Joanne Cox to tell us all about it.

Joanne has been a baby massage instructor for 5 years and trained with the International Association for Infant Massage.

She has also worked with vulnerable women and babies and has given baby massage talks at her local University as part of childcare training. She has also been featured in various media events. Joanne kindly wrote the following article for us.

It’s a wet and cold Monday morning, you and your new wonderful bundle of joy have packed the nappy bag, wrapped up warm and are on your way to attend your first baby massage class -how do you feel?

Many mummies feel very apprehensive about attending classes, even a little nervous. Will my baby cry? If so what will I do? Will baby need a feed or a change during the class, what will I do? What will it all be about? And will I get on with the other mums there? What will the benefits be? – So many questions.

Well as someone who has taught baby massage for 5 years now, I can assure that all of the above WILL happen. But you won’t be the only one, and your class instructor will make you feel so comfortable you will wonder what on earth you ever worried about.

 As for the other people in your group, they too will be feeling the same, and will be glad to share, discuss and confide in their new friends – who all have the same thing in common…their new babies. I am still friends with the group of mummies I met when I took my son to his first baby massage class, though 6 years on we have swapped bottles of milk for a bottle of wine when we catch up!

Baby Massage has been around for hundreds of years in other cultures, where the practice of baby massage is handed down from generation to generation, mothers to children and throughout the family.

What better way to spend some time with your child than in a warm room, gazing into the eyes of your little one whilst giving them a relaxing massage. A great way to make baby feel loved, to enhance bonding and relax and calm your little one.  It feels so natural to interact with your baby this way – and guess what, you too are feeling a little more relaxed …it works both ways!

There are so many baby benefits from baby massage including:

  • Helping your baby feel loved and secure.
  • Help ease digestion, repository and circulatory systems.
  • Can help relieve colic, wind and constipation.
  • Calm nervous babies and aid better sleep.
  • Teaches baby body awareness and;
  • Great way to spend quality time with your little one.

All this through using massage strokes and learning an infant massage routine you can do at home.

At baby massage we use a high quality, unscented vegetable oil to massage our babies. There is no need to use expensive scented baby massage oils. In fact research has suggested using strong smelling oils can block the smell of mum that babies love so much!

There is also research into a link between Infant massage and the treatment of post natal depression, and how massage can help.

Baby massage can be learned in lots of ways. Whether you wish to go to a regular class, at home or online there is something for everyone.

At chillbabychill we offer courses and at home classes – what better way to bond with your new mummy friends than a set of classes at home where all you need to worry about is what cake to serve with refreshments after!

A set of 4 classes in a course with typically cost around £35 and at home classes will be similar depending on numbers and distance.

See for more information or call 01454 32331 to book

Bunny Bumpkin would like to thank Joanne for taking the time to write this article for us.



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