How to keep baby cool in the summer

Summer has finally arrived and everyone heads for the sun but it is important to remember that babies cannot tolerate the sun like adults.

Babies fair skin is prone to sunburn and they are also susceptible to dehydration and heatstroke.

Bunny Bumpkin has put together these tips on keeping your baby safe and cool in the summer and we have some product ideas to make it easy for you.

  • Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at its hottest.
  • Use a very high factor sunscreen (e.g. factor 50) even if your baby is in the shade.Apply the sun cream regularly especially if they are using a paddling pool.
  • Put a sun hat on your baby. Bunny Bumpkin sell a range of summer dresses with matching sun hats like this purple & pink posy and polka dot dress/sun hat set


Alternatively your baby can go for the hip look with this baby bandana available in four different colours.



  • Give them more water than usual. Cooled boiled water is best for young babies. Fruit Juice Ice lollies are great for quenching an older babys’ thirst. If your baby is on solids fruit is another agreat way of getting them to have more fluid.
  • A cool bath before bed time will make for a more comfortable night.
  • Keep the bedroom cool by closing the curtains in the day and using a fan during hot nights.
  • Keep bedclothes and nightwear to a minimum. Don’t let them get too cold though as temperature can drop in the night. A baby sleeping bag is handy for baby’s who like to kick the covers off. If it is a hot night though just put them in their nappy only and then put them  in the sleeping bag.




Cardiff Ice Hockey Teams raise over £5k for Marie Curie

We recently reported on a charity ice hockey match taking place between the Cardiff Eagles & Cardiff Bay Lightning. We are pleased to report that the match raised over five thousand pounds for Marie Cure Cancer Care.

The match which included Max Birbraer, Ben Davies and Chris Blight from Elite League team the Cardiff Devils was won 6-5 by the Cardiff Bay Lightning.

Several hundred fans watched  a very competitive and exciting match and dug deep making donations and buying raffle tickets to win a signed Mac Faulkner Hockey Shirt.

Each of the players also had to raise money in order to play and Bunny Bumpkin sponsored our Sales Director to play in defence for the Cardiff Eagles.

Bunny Bumpkins Martin Burridge playing for the Cardiff Eagles

This is the second match of this kind and Bunny Bumpkin look forward to sponsoring a similar event next year.

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Bunny Bumpkin Supporting Charity Ice Hockey Match

Two recreational ice hockey teams will take to the ice this weekend to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Cardiff Bay Lightning and Cardiff Eagles play each other for the second year running to raise money for charity. The last time these two teams played each other in 2012, they raised £3000 for childrens cancer charity Clic Sargent

It is not just the recreational teams that are getting involved though. Both sides will be guesting a couple of players from Cardiffs’ professional team, the Cardiff Devils, who play in the Elite League.

There will be childrens’ entertainment in the break and a raffle to win a hockey shirt signed by Devils star forward Mac Faulkner.

Planet Ice who run Cardiff Ice Arena have donated the ice time and many friends, families and local businesses have already contributed.

Bunny Bumpkin Maternity, Nursing and Baby are sponsoring their Sales & Marketing director Martin Burridge who will be playing for the Cardiff Eagles.

Bunny Bumpkin wishes both teams the best of luck and hopes the event is a great success for all involved.

The match faces off at 7pm on Sunday May 5th at Cardiff Ice Arena in Cardiff Bay. Entrance is free though a donation to the Marie Curie Cancer Care will be appreciated.

Anybody wishing to make a donation to Marie Curie Curie Cancer Care can do so at the events justgiving page

eagles 2

The challenge of choosing your babys’ name

Naming your baby should be an easy task. There are thousands of websites and books with lists of babys names.

However you need to think carefully before choosing as there may be a few things you have not considered. Bunny Bumpkin takes a slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ look at the problems of choosing the right baby name.

 Names get shortened

Call a child David and it may be shortened to Dave which is relatively harmless. Robert will get shortened to Rob which is fine provided your surname is not Banks.

Surname Matching

So think about what the name means when put with the surname. Some of these may sound obvious but google or search for them on social media sites and you will find these people do exist. Here are some genuine examples.

 Anne Teak

Art Major

Brock Lee

Doug Hole

Jack Haas

 Take Care with Initials

Samuel Oliver Davies may seem like a great name but when little Samuel is asked to write his initials it may offend.


Unusual spelling of names can be more interesting but your child will spend a lifetime opening mail with their name spelt incorrectly.

 Beware Email/Surname Clashes

Names like John Smith are pretty straight forward when it comes to email. E.g. But what if you have an unusual name like Paul Blood. (look in the phone directory and you will find a few.) The same email format now gives something that sounds more like a medical condition than a name.

 Names Meaning

All names have meanings. I was surprised to discover that my sons name Jake comes from Jacob meaning supplanter (someone who wrongfully or illegally takes the place of someone else).No way ! My little angel would never do such a thing !!

 On a more serious note here are some of our favourite (and reasonably safe) names along with their meanings

 Boys Names

Aaron – A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength

Alex – Diminutive of Alexander: Defender of men; protector of mankind

Joshua – God is salvation

Cian – Ancient

Aiden – Little Fire


Girls Names

Abbie – Diminutive of Abigail: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy

Gabrielle – God is my strength.

Amelia – Industrious. Striving.

Kayla – Variant of Katherine meaning pure.

Lucy – Light


Whatever name you choose, all babies are beautiful so all baby names are beautiful. To celebrate baby names Bunny Bumpkin has launched a new range of personalised baby gifts on its website. So from Alex to Zak, or Abbie to Zoe you can have your babies name on money boxes, teddies, picture frames, crockery and much more.