The challenge of choosing your babys’ name

Naming your baby should be an easy task. There are thousands of websites and books with lists of babys names.

However you need to think carefully before choosing as there may be a few things you have not considered. Bunny Bumpkin takes a slightly ‘tongue in cheek’ look at the problems of choosing the right baby name.

 Names get shortened

Call a child David and it may be shortened to Dave which is relatively harmless. Robert will get shortened to Rob which is fine provided your surname is not Banks.

Surname Matching

So think about what the name means when put with the surname. Some of these may sound obvious but google or search for them on social media sites and you will find these people do exist. Here are some genuine examples.

 Anne Teak

Art Major

Brock Lee

Doug Hole

Jack Haas

 Take Care with Initials

Samuel Oliver Davies may seem like a great name but when little Samuel is asked to write his initials it may offend.


Unusual spelling of names can be more interesting but your child will spend a lifetime opening mail with their name spelt incorrectly.

 Beware Email/Surname Clashes

Names like John Smith are pretty straight forward when it comes to email. E.g. But what if you have an unusual name like Paul Blood. (look in the phone directory and you will find a few.) The same email format now gives something that sounds more like a medical condition than a name.

 Names Meaning

All names have meanings. I was surprised to discover that my sons name Jake comes from Jacob meaning supplanter (someone who wrongfully or illegally takes the place of someone else).No way ! My little angel would never do such a thing !!

 On a more serious note here are some of our favourite (and reasonably safe) names along with their meanings

 Boys Names

Aaron – A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength

Alex – Diminutive of Alexander: Defender of men; protector of mankind

Joshua – God is salvation

Cian – Ancient

Aiden – Little Fire


Girls Names

Abbie – Diminutive of Abigail: Father rejoiced, or father’s joy. Gives joy

Gabrielle – God is my strength.

Amelia – Industrious. Striving.

Kayla – Variant of Katherine meaning pure.

Lucy – Light


Whatever name you choose, all babies are beautiful so all baby names are beautiful. To celebrate baby names Bunny Bumpkin has launched a new range of personalised baby gifts on its website. So from Alex to Zak, or Abbie to Zoe you can have your babies name on money boxes, teddies, picture frames, crockery and much more.