What do you need for breastfeeding?

Everyone knows the saying breast is best but how does a new mother prepare for breastfeeding?

Your midwife will advise you on how and when to breastfeed, but she may not tell you what you need and what products are available to make breastfeeding easier.

 So here is the Bunny Bumpkin guide to products that can help make breastfeeding easier.

The Nursing Bra

If you are out and about you don’t want to be wrestling with your bra in order to discretely feed your baby. Nursing bras have drop down clips above the cup to allow easy and comfortable breastfeeding. Normally you need to get measured two weeks before the birth due to the increase in breast size. However most of Bunny Bumpkins nursing bras have one cup size meaning that you do not have to make the uncomfortable journey into town to be measured. Simply order online using the your current chest size (e.g. 36)

Nursing Tops

The nursing top comes in various different styles but allow for easy access for breastfeeding. For example, some Cami style tops have clips on the straps similar to nursing bras whereas sleeved tops often have a lift up panel.

Breastfeeding Butterflies

Breastfeeding Butterfly Shawls offer great privacy. The baby is cradled in a sling which goes over mums shoulders while feeding.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can make nipples sore and they can become dry and cracked increasing the risk of mastitis. At the first sign of any soreness apply a nipple cream such as Lansinoh.

Nursing Cushions

The nursing cushion is designedto hug a mother’s body and provide a raised platform to support baby as they feed in comfort. However it also has other uses. Many women use it for back support during pregnancy or as a between-the-knees support cushion or as a wedge to rest under the tummy whilst sleeping on the side. When approx 3 months old, a baby can rest within the arms of the pillow to aid the digestion process and when learning to sit up themselves, the pillow can be positioned around baby to cushion them in case they topple backwards.

Breast pads

Even when not feeding breasts have a tendency to leak. Breast pads absorb excess milk preventing stains on your clothes.

Muslin Cloths

The muslin cloth has numerous uses but the principal uses for breastfeeding are:

Wiping away excess milk from you and your baby after baby has unlatched from your breast.

Wiping up after winding your baby (as they are often slightly sick after a feed.)

Nursing Nightwear

Feeding your baby while half asleep is difficult enough without having to battle with your nightwear. Nursing pyjamas and nighties work in a similar way to nursing tops and are also very comfortable.

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How to keep baby cool in the summer

Summer has finally arrived and everyone heads for the sun but it is important to remember that babies cannot tolerate the sun like adults.

Babies fair skin is prone to sunburn and they are also susceptible to dehydration and heatstroke.

Bunny Bumpkin has put together these tips on keeping your baby safe and cool in the summer and we have some product ideas to make it easy for you.

  • Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at its hottest.
  • Use a very high factor sunscreen (e.g. factor 50) even if your baby is in the shade.Apply the sun cream regularly especially if they are using a paddling pool.
  • Put a sun hat on your baby. Bunny Bumpkin sell a range of summer dresses with matching sun hats like this purple & pink posy and polka dot dress/sun hat set


Alternatively your baby can go for the hip look with this baby bandana available in four different colours.



  • Give them more water than usual. Cooled boiled water is best for young babies. Fruit Juice Ice lollies are great for quenching an older babys’ thirst. If your baby is on solids fruit is another agreat way of getting them to have more fluid.
  • A cool bath before bed time will make for a more comfortable night.
  • Keep the bedroom cool by closing the curtains in the day and using a fan during hot nights.
  • Keep bedclothes and nightwear to a minimum. Don’t let them get too cold though as temperature can drop in the night. A baby sleeping bag is handy for baby’s who like to kick the covers off. If it is a hot night though just put them in their nappy only and then put them  in the sleeping bag.